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On behalf of Nepal Karate Federation, it is our great pride that we have now hosted “Nepal Karate Federation” website for further Karate movement and to work together towards bringing the Karate values to life.

Established in 1989 A.D, The Karate Movement has turned to its values to help define the role sports in the development of humans. We are aware that IKF and AKA has continuously developed program to ensure the relevance of karate in modern society. It has launched initiative to enhance human’s self-defense skills in people.

I hope this website will opportune us to dissimilate information regarding various aspects of NKF ‘s work in progress, IKF programs and AKF project amongst others to all our affiliates as well as the community at large to make the most of the information and programs undertaken by NKF.

I wish all the very best and request your contribution to continue to work towards these principals so that our whole country is encouraged to inspire humanity through karate games to overcome political , economic, gender, racial or religious differences and forge respectable friendship in spite of those differences.

Yubraj Lama
- President
- Nepal Karate Federation

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